What Will Russell Pick This Year’s Winner?

At Russell’s Stables, you will find nothing but perfect horses. Whether they are young or old, they have all been personally handpicked by the owner for their suitability for the Ring in Contact program. This includes thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Arabians, and English Thoroughbreds, to name a few. What you will also find is that all of Russell’s animals are conditioned for whatever sport they may be participating in. This includes dressage, jumping, endurance, racing, and cross-country.

You will see first hand how each individual horse is suited to the sport. Whether it is jumpers or horses that love to compete in the horse races, you will see this first hand. This will allow you to better assess your own horse as well. This will ensure that you know what to expect before you choose a horse.

There is another reason to visit Russell’s. There is a long list of qualified trainers that he has worked with as well. These include Pat Parelli, Pat O’Brien, Tom Dorrance, and Don Johnson. These are just a few of the names that you can see on the website. Each one of them has won at least one of the Ring In Contact events that Russell has trained.

Along with having won at the Ring in Contact program, Dorrance has also won at the Crufts, St. Leger, and Exposition. This gives him quite an impressive resume. With this type of portfolio, one would think that he would be an easy pick for any event. However, some people do see a downside to Dorrance. This is due to his lack of experience as well as not being as well-rounded as some of the other trainers that Russell has handpicked.

Parelli is well-known in the horse racing world because he was the first American to win the Dubai World Cup. Many people feel that Parelli is a valuable commodity since he’s been around for a while. He is also well-known for using innovative training tactics to help train young horses to produce better results.

O’Brien is known for his winning streak at the Kentucky Derby and is a longtime trainer at the Belmont Park racetrack in Louisville. Some people feel that winning is everything, but some people have a more positive outlook on things. Because of this, O’Brien might be considered a long shot to win at the Belmont.

Dorrance is one of the newest members of Russell’s stable. His time on the track has only been limited due to an injury. Many experts say that he has all the tools that it takes to succeed in competitive horseback riding. This is especially true when he is paired with O’Brien. These two will surely give each other the best chance at winning.

It will be interesting to see where these four go from here. Will they continue to climb in the ranks and challenge the great trainers of the sport or will they fall just short of competing with them. Whatever the case, it looks as if they have the right tools to go well into the future. It will be interesting to follow their progress as they strive to prove the skeptics wrong.

In many ways, the battle between the St. Pat’s and the Belmont is far from over. The winner here will take home the Kentucky Derby title. Even if they do not win this prestigious award, they still have beaten some very top-notch riders and trainers. If anyone is going to be able to knock off a reigning champion, it will be the trainer of the winning horse.

With the help of the Belmont Park grounds and trainer Sam Russell, expect this year’s star-studded stable to once again dazzle. Expect the same spectacular groundsman that brought you such dominant horses as Nellie and Rincon de Guadiana to bring you once again a winning horse. Expect a battle of the ages. This is sure to be one of the most exciting races for a long time.

Does this mean that Matt Kueckner has to lose? No, not at all. If he does not win, he should come in near the top three. He has proven himself to be an elite trainer. He has done so well in the past with the very best equine prospects.

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