Warning, don’t consider Google’s incognito mode safe

Most people use the incognito mode of the popular web browser Google Chrome, thinking that websites will not be able to identify them.

But users of Google Chrome using incognito mode are unaware that when using incognito mode, the browser does not record your history, import bookmarks, or login details of any online account, but it can not hide your identity. That is, your IPS and other data are stored on websites that you have opened in incognito mode.

That’s why Google is now suing for collecting users’ Internet data in incognito mode. A U.S. court has rejected a lawsuit filed over incognito mode data collection, saying Google does not alert users to data collection in private browsing mode.

It is pertinent to mention that a petition was filed in the court by three users in June last year in which it was said that the company has continued the data tracking business even in incognito mode while the consumers think that it is private Mode protects their data.

The request states that Google is aware of everything you browse in incognito mode, even if you keep your activities private in accordance with the company’s guidelines.

Google’s response to the lawsuit states that it explicitly informs consumers about data collection. Google has clearly stated on the page that incognito does not mean disappearance, it will show the user’s activities to the websites and third-party analytics or advertising services will also know about it.

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