Treks For Photography in Himachal

Travel Photography in Himachal It is harder to see in some parts of the world with more outdoor photos than “unthinkable India”. As you like in different parts of India, there is no difference in the type of image you need. Uttarakhand, Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh have vivid sounds and beautiful scenery like sparkling landscapes, clear skies, spectacular waterways, ancient religious communities, beautiful plants and animals, and continuous vandalism. A wonderful combination of these rooms is on the way.

Beas Kund: 

A trip to the source of the Beas River, with its steep mountains, has become a popular walk through Manali. With this in mind, you can head directly to the original drainage system that runs through the city (allegedly following) the drainage route that is right at the entrance to Manari. After all, one of the reasons tourists loves this trip is the arrangement. Think of it this way: pleasant meadows under the three largest mountains of Manali. Its prairies are the Emerald Sea, where the Animal River flows.

The contrast of seeing the calm water in the middle of the hills of the Pirpanjar mountains adds to the beauty of its surroundings. If you stay here, you will feel great again. It was near the origin of the very weak flow in the valley. The volume of this emerald is divided into streams and immediately rolls up the basket in the bubble channel. As a method of controlling the surrounding civilization and villages, Beas Kund is even associated with legends.

Rishi Vyasa, the founder of Mahabharata, is wiped out of the lake. The word Kund Beads is believed to have originated from the sage Vyasa. Lake Kund. The end of this great winter covers you and the grass and lake catch everyone’s attention along the way. This trip should be easy for beginners, but well planned. Walking over 12,000 feet is not your average success.

Valley of flowers: 

The private area is a “flower zone” at an altitude of about 3500 meters, open in late summer and covered with snow in the colder months. There are several types. Flowers and nature seem to cover the background of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Flower Valley covers an area of ​​87.50 square miles and is an area that will be admired forever by clicking on the stunning photos.

Experience can be measured by methods that add to the destruction of world heritage sites. Near the valley, there is a large pristine park known as “Hana National Park in the Tani”, which preserves unique vegetation. You can reach the city center after a short 15-kilometer journey that takes recreational photography enthusiasts to cultural places and snowy gatherings.

Markha Valley trek : 

Probably the best snowy trail in Ladakh, traversing remote areas and changing the climate. Symbolism Walking is a true symbol among useless values. This route is specialized at the exit, with rolling hills, deep cliffs, and other projections to the pristine region of Ladakh, which requires a lot of patience, skill, and strength. high altitude over rugged brunettes. The gendola with 4,800 meters and 5,150 meters of the commarla covers the whole valley of a spectacular landmark, one of the main attractions of the parade. It provides insight.

In addition, a trip to the Canyon sign passes through the many cities of Ladakh, where you will experience a unique Indian-Tibetan culture. The journey continues through Hemis National Park, where several endangered species are found, where first-hand creatures such as the bahalal, the groundhog, and the kerkvesci can be observed. If you are lucky, a leopard and a mountain goat will suddenly appear in front of you and fill your heart with joy. The route through Marc Valley starts at 3,500 meters from Leh and leads to Spituk, a long-distance road from Leh.

For a 4-5 hours drive from there, Zingchen will ask for your pass to Yurutse at a distance of 4,160 meters. Jinchen’s journey to Euratus usually involves spectacular views, traversing Jingchennara and Kandaranara. From there, on the way to Rumbak city, the road will continue along this path down Kandara or Gandara, making its path a little more difficult.

Gandara waterfalls pass through picturesque wheat fields with mustard where tourism encourages ice skating. The journey from Eurats to Skiu takes about 8-9 hours, so you will need to be prepared for a difficult day. A few towns from Skiu to the picturesque town of Marca, ask Tochunze at an altitude of 4,150 meters.

Milam Glacier Trek:

The Mass Glacier Trek is one of the largest ice rinks lit by the Goriganga River. During the opportunity, guests are expected to take good photos and arrive in Munsiyari, where the trip begins. Munsyari landed in Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand, and on reaching the edge of Goriganga, visitors took a walk through the thick bamboo forest, Lord Dendron, and the chest.

The spectacular view from the premises of Nanda Devi and Hardeol, on arriving at Milan’s Glacier venue, gave visitors a glimpse into the beautiful grandeur of the venue. Around the top 52 spots in the tower, the ice is a good moped for visitors.

Pin Parvati Road:

Pin Paravati has about 100 kilometers in 10 hard trips through the Himalayas and ends at the end of the same name (17,457 / 5319 m). Find it in the dense forests of the Himalayan National Park and finally try the river crossing that forms snowfields and ice blocks near the pass. The risks are unpredictable, as travelers see the two sides of the Himalayas separately.

The Parvati valley is very beautiful and prosperous in the forest, and the Pin valley on one side of the alley is dry, cold, and unpleasant, but without its own glory. If Parvaticund and Karma are with you, you can even spot the easy-to-spot snow leopards that are sometimes found in the area. The best and best opportunity to travel here due to heavy snow is in July and September.

Kinnaur Kailash:

Mount Kinnaur Kailash (6349 m) is located southeast of Himachal Pradesh and cannot be confused with Mount Kailash in Tibet. This short one-day trip will fly from Shimla to Sangra and Tanghi (preferably two days or more).

The old corridor and the traditional Charanla (5300m) are the highest points after several days of climbing. In the depths of the canyon, there is agricultural land, and these small green patches have replaced strong differences with the surrounding dry, dry river. This hike is excellent as a hiking trail, famous for turning the growth of large mountains into the shade of the sun, after Shiva Lingam.

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