The 10 Most Common Mistakes in the Renovation Process

Here is a summary of the top 10 decoration mistakes with the highest “regret rate” for everyone, to remind everyone.

The hallway does not reserve a place for common shoes.

They just want a beautiful shoe cabinet, but many people forget to keep the common shoe space. As a result, they often pile up shoes at the door of the shoe cabinet and look for shoes all over the floor. It looks really bad.

It is not practical to install complicated lights.

The chandelier felt good at first, but it was discovered after living for a long time. Not to mention the expensive, the key is that it is troublesome to take care of.

There are fewer switch sockets.

During the renovation, I always thought that there were 20 or 30 sockets in the whole house, which should be enough. After I moved in, I learned that there are homes with extension boards everywhere. Not only are they ugly, there are children at home, and they are also easy to trip over the wires. Some sockets are installed in the wrong position and cannot be used at all. Shop now using Bargain Fox discount code, Charles Bentley Discount Codes

Install open kitchen with more oily fume.

The open kitchen has many advantages, it looks large, spacious, and transparent; the bar increases the operating space, and it is also emotional. But before installing an open kitchen, there are several issues to consider:

① Oil fume; ② The city management department where it is located does not allow installation; ③ The gas leakage is dangerous.

The walls are all painted white and too monotonous.

Most people have at least one large white wall in their home, which looks simple and versatile. But if you design it yourself, the whole house is full of white walls, the effect is a bit boring.

Use dark floors on a large area.

The parents of the generation mostly like dark wood floors, and think that the classics are good-looking; in fact, dark floors are dirtier; the same amount of dust, the degree of dirty: dark floors> light floors.

Regret for not making storage cabinets.

Only when I moved in did I find that there would never be too many cabinets, because the more things in the house, the more and more demand for storage.

The children’s room should be vacant.

Many people think that the children’s room should be made into a look that children like and give it a variety of decorations. In fact, children really don’t need so much colour.

Electrical appliances and hardware are the most expensive.

There are a lot of places to spend money on decoration, and electrical appliances may not really be the most expensive; if you start with a discount period, you can save 20,000 yuan every minute. And some electrical appliances will need to be replaced in two years, which will be another expense at that time. Get Amazon promo code NHS and Amazon Discount Code NHS

Home appliances can save money, but the hardware should not save money. You get what you pay for. Poor quality hardware is not flexible after one or two years.

The open shelf loves falling ash.

The small apartment will be more transparent if it adopts an open shelf, but it cannot deny the nature of its easy-to-fill dust.

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