Simple tips to help extend the life of an Air Conditioner

The use of air conditioners (AC) has increased tremendously in the present era, but surprisingly, the life of these machines often ends very quickly. But this is not because of excessive use of AC but because of your own mistakes which can be overcome to prolong the life of this machine. Yes, good maintenance of the AC unit improves its performance as well as ensures its use for years.  Whatever the model or size of AC, they usually last for years.

Here are some common things you can use your AC unit for years.

Give Relax to your air conditioner

If the AC is turned on continuously, they are more likely to break down quickly, so it is important to turn off the air conditioner when not needed, even if only for a few minutes. In the same way, the temperature in the thermostat can be such that the AC runs but the air does not cool down or the temperature can be raised at night.

Clean Your AC Regularly

AC filters should be replaced at least once every three months and cleaned once a month. Negligence in this work results in filters becoming dirty and releasing poor air or damaging the coil. A dirty filter can increase the AC bill by 5 to 15% while reducing the life of the entire system. The good news is that AC filters are very cheap and can be replaced.

Not having AC service every year

AC system service is required at least once a year, for which you can learn through online videos how to clean AC unit coils and fins. This essential maintenance increases the efficiency of your AC and keeps the system in order. In this regard, a specialist can be hired once a year.

Keeping the AC temperature very low

According to a study, the human body adapts very quickly to cold or hot temperatures, ie in one to two weeks, a one-degree increase in AC temperature can reduce the electricity bill of AC by 3%. While less use of AC is also beneficial for environmental improvement.

Not taking the advantage of other tools

Fans of any kind, especially ceiling fans, can be helpful in delivering cool air throughout the house, greatly reducing the load on the AC system. Just be sure to operate the ceiling fan counter-clockwise during the summer.

Poor vent position

Having lamps or sunlight near the thermostat for too long during the day can damage the air conditioner on a long-term basis. Similarly blocking AC vents from furniture or curtains restricts air circulation, so it takes longer for AC to cool a space and also increases the electricity bill, keep in mind that AC There should be no obstruction in front of the vents.

Not cleaning the ducts

If the air ducts are clean, the airflow in the room or house slows down so that it does not cool down. Dust and other debris inside the air ducts begin to accumulate over time, preventing cold air from falling. Regular air duct cleaning also improves indoor air quality, which must be done at least once a year.

Absence of curtains

Bright sunlight is the enemy of the AC system, and curtains or blinds are helpful to block out sunlight.

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