Prince William is the World’s Most Sexiest Bald Man

There are many competitions for beauty and attractive personality all over the world and surprisingly in such competitions, such personalities come in the initial numbers, in which the common people are not much interested.

And the same thing happened in a recent survey conducted in Britain, in which, unlike Hollywood actors and big politicians, British Prince William was found to be the ‘sexiest bald man’ of the world.

According to the British newspaper ‘The Sun‘, a survey conducted by the famous British plastic surgery institute surprisingly found Prince William to be the ‘attractive bald’ man in the world.

The survey was conducted by longevita, a provider of various types of plastic surgeries, and looked at data on the search for “bald men” on the Internet. During the survey, the agency looked at how many people around the world searched for the world’s leading bald figure on words, phrases, or issues. According to the agency, the British Prince William was the most searched word in the world with the word ‘sexiest’, that is why he was named the ‘sexiest bald’ man in the world.

In other words, the word ‘sexy’ was used with Prince William’s name in searches all over the world, which is why the cosmetic company called him the ‘sexiest bald’ man in the results. Surprisingly, Devine Johnson and Vin Diesel topped the list of Hollywood’s most attractive and highest-earning actors.

According to The Independent, American boxer Mike Tyson came in second, British actor Jason Statham came in third, American rapper Pitt Bull came in fourth and American businessman Michael Jordan came in fifth. Boxer Floyd Mayweather is sixth on the list of attractive bald men, American actor John Travolta is seventh, Hollywood actor Bruce Wells is eighth, Devine Johnson is ninth and Vin Diesel is tenth.

The list also includes Hollywood actor Patrick Stewart and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he was not included in the list of 10 sexiest bald men. Devine Johnson tweeted that he was at the bottom of the list of ‘sexiest bald’ men and demanded a recount of the results.

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