Open my Facebook: Advantages and Disadvantages in a Few Steps

Open my Facebook_ Advantages and Disadvantages in a Few Steps

Nowadays it is extremely important, in order to be in contact with friends, relatives, and colleagues, regardless of where you are, to have a profile on Facebook and in this article we are going to answer the main question: How to open my Facebook? How to open my Facebook without a password?

If you don’t have an account yet and you want to know “how to open my Facebook “or” how to delete my Facebook account” then you are in the right place. This social network in recent years has become very important in the lives of millions of people who connect daily to share their routines and passions. If you already know this platform and the idea is to finally create a Facebook account, here we give you all the necessary advice to do so. You will also have the opportunity to see how a brand or personal business can be launched with a strategy and with our advice.

Easy guide to open a Facebook profile

If you are impatient to know how to create a Facebook profile, the first thing you need to know is that it is completely free and that you can do it not only from smartphones and tablets but also from computers.

In the following lines, I will tell you what are the steps to follow on all platforms. Let’s start with mobile phones and tablets. You can do it very easily through the application of this famous social network that can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS, respectively from the Play Store or the App Store.

After downloading the Facebook application on your mobile phone or tablet, start it by pressing on the icon located on the home screen or in the folder, to follow the step-by-step registration procedure that I am about to show you.

Open Facebook on mobile devices

After having downloaded the app, start the application and press the option “Subscribe to Facebook” that you find in the center of the screen (I remind you that registering is completely free, don’t worry). Then press “Start” and start to register, indicating in the text fields that are shown, your personal data that you are requesting: name, surname, date of birth, and sex.

Once the above tasks are finished, press the “Confirm your account” button and verify your identity, entering the confirmation code that will be sent by Facebook to the email address you indicated, or via message to the phone number you chose to use for registration.

If the identity verification procedure has been carried out correctly, it means that the procedure for creating your Facebook profile has been completed. Now you can start editing it by tapping on the icon of a little man that will then be replaced by the thumbnail of your profile photo.

Open Facebook on your computer

Creating a Facebook profile can also be done easily from a computer, by connecting to the official website of the social network. The Facebook application for Windows 10 does not allow you to register on the social network, as the Subscribe to Facebook button links directly to the website.

Therefore, to do this, use a browser to browse the Internet (for example, Google Chrome) and connect to the Facebook home page, to create an account. Don’t worry: even, in this case, signing up for Facebook is free and easy too. You just have to provide all the requested data, following the procedure that I am about to show you.

You should also customize the profile of your Facebook account, and you can do this better by buy Facebook followers Canada.

Open my Facebook without password: Advantages

We briefly analyze what may be the advantages and disadvantages of having a profile on Facebook.

This offers you many possibilities to meet people with interests equal or at least similar to yours and the possibilities that this implies also on a professional level.

It allows you to be connected to the lives of your friends and your family from your mobile even being miles away

If you have friends or family in other parts of the world, Facebook gives you the opportunity, in a few steps, to find out what is happening in the lives of these people and maintain friendships at a distance. Let’s say it shortens the distances. Facebook allows you, easily and quickly, to upload photos, videos, articles, music, and links to web pages to share with your friends.

Highlight personal brands and find work

Facebook, is a very important platform and with a huge number of users, allows you to apply commercial strategies to launch your personal brand. Likewise, as a job-seeking employee, it can be a major boost to your expectations of finding the position you are looking for. Opening a Facebook account offers you a lot of new opportunities.

Privacy issues

Facebook is free and it will always be free, only when one signs up, Facebook gets consent to exploit our personal data for commercial purposes. Then each user is cataloged and advertisers can use it as a testimonial of what they like.

The deceptions are constantly on the rise

If a person is informed only through Facebook, he ends up becoming easy prey for all the deceptive sites that have been born in the last year, which to attract clicks and share create bombastic headlines, provocative images, and many times of outright rhetoric and outright news. false.

Facebook is full of viruses

Computer viruses that, until recently, spread primarily through email, now find a huge potential audience on Facebook. It is enough to click on an incorrect link that you find on a friend’s page or sent in the chat, to contract a virus that, automatically, will try to spread between friends, with other messages in the chat or publications.

Finally, we see that, like all social networks, if used in the wrong way it can be dangerous. Open my Facebook without a password and deactivate the account

Deleting a Facebook account is not as easy as it sounds. You must bear in mind that on this platform the procedure to delete a Facebook account is not very intuitive and immediate. Facebook offers you different options that invite you to take time to think about it before doing it definitively. Obviously, the fewer users lose per month, the better, and therefore a very slow process has been ensured.

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