Im chubby and Im happy like this: Mathira on Body Shaming

Im chubby and Im happy like this -Mathira on Body Shaming

Actress and TV host Mathira has given a clear answer to the critics, she said that who are you guys making comments on my body shape. She said that stop calling me plastic.

Mathira said in her Instagram story that she is tired of answering questions from people about her size. Mathira had recently appeared on the YouTube show ‘To Be Honest’, where she spoke openly about her personal life as well as her professional life and how she came to Pakistan suddenly from Zimbabwe. According to Mathira, her father is a prominent Zimbabwean politician. When he divorced her mother, she suddenly had to come to Pakistan.

Mathira also said that she became famous in Pakistan when a live phone call on a TV show humiliated her and asked her inappropriate questions. After joining the show, Mathira was criticized for her body shape and people accused her of having plastic surgery.

mathira insta story

After people accused her of having plastic surgery, the actress explained her Instagram story and asked people to stop calling her plastic. In her story, Mathira said that no matter who she is, she is happy with her size. Instead of taunting her again and again, people should focus on themselves and their problems.

The actress and TV host wrote that she was tired of answering people’s questions that she had not undergone any surgery. Mathira revealed that she has a hormonal problem, due to which her size seems to be significantly increased in some parts, so stop saying that she has undergone surgery.

She wrote in the story that the first thing he did not have the surgery, the second is that if he had the surgery, she would admit it and at the same time she explained that she is free to do the surgery or not, she wants. Do whatever you want.

Mathira wrote that even if she underwent surgery 40 times, it was her choice and it should not be a problem for other people, so other people should stop calling her plastic.

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