How can I access Victure Camera?

A security camera is like an eye. Peace of mind is too necessary like if you are at work. You have a fear of security for your family then you can’t properly concentrate on work. Security cameras are not only useful to policing property. As well as it helps to secure your family, pets, house from thieves.

In those days we were so busy we didn’t have enough time to spend with our family or loved ones so we always had a fear of the security of our family in mind. So what can we do? But in this field a device can help you. Yes I am talking about a security camera and how to access victure camera. By the help of a security camera you can easily monitor your house from anywhere as well as can take care of your family.

If you want to set up a best camera in your home/office then a victure camera is the best option.
In this technology world all the devices are getting more advanced so using a victure camera you can enjoy advanced features.Here are some features of this camera.

How to access Victure Camera to smartphone

You can easily connect your victure camera to your smartphone. In this feature after connecting can easily monitor your house/office from any corner. To connect your Victure camera wirelessly with your smartphone. Firstly put batteries on your camera and plug into the electric socket. Now you need to power on the camera and now connect your phone with the main router Wi-Fi network (be sure that network has internet access).

Now open playstore and download victure camera app and install the app. Both android or IOS versions available. Just need to connect camera to Victure app. Here you will get a list of cameras. Select your camera which you want to connect. Now click on Wi-FI option and tap to your Wi-Fi network to connect, It will ask you to enter the password after entering. Your camera will connect to the app.

Some Features of access victure camera

2 way communication

You can easily communicate with your family members and others through camera, A small speaker is also available on the down side. It’s not matter where you are, After connecting with your smartphone you can easily enjoy this feature. Like if you are in office and any unusual activities are detected then can update your members. Or easily secured.

Night vision

In this camera night vision feature is also available, At night some other camera won’t be able to capture a clear video, So this camera is totally capable to shoot clear video at night without any problems.

Ultra HD video quality

This camera provides video in ultra HD quality, even at night with 6G lens 1900-1080 resolution, and crystal clear video quality. Even this camera can detect the number of running cars in the street. Just need to monitor your camera at a point where it can easily cover the whole area of your house.

Suitable for any type of environment

In this camera you can also watch the videos on TV, Monitor by connecting it with VGA or HDMI input. This camera can fit in any type of environment you can set up indoor or outdoor, Totally waterproof and dustproof. You can place in any environment.

Access Victure Camera with Remote control

In victure camera you will also get a feature of rotation. You can rotate victure camera upto 100° vertical and 355° horizontal. Can easily monitor the movements and send to your connected smartphone to prevent your house from strangers.

More storage capacity

It will come with a micro SD card storage capacity of 64 GB. It will come with a micro SD card storage capacity of 64 GB. You can easily set a particular day to delete old videos. For example Like you can set a date of 15th. On that day all old stored videos will move to trash. In order to clear space


You can also easily get this camera at an affordable price, It will come with properly packed. The camera quality is too good and the motion sensors work properly. Installation process is also too easy, and can easily be installed by using an app. You can easily decrease the consumption of the internet by enabling a feature of event-based recording.

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