Five Popular Destinations in Mumbai

Mumbai Camps Whenever you want to go to India, you don’t have to go abroad to have good luck. It has shocked a lot of people, but it is very possible to go out near Mumbai. The truth is, the city has great outdoor options in just a few hours. Here you can get your energy out of the city. Look at the stars. You can mix the environment in the best circumstances. Here are some picturesque places in Mumbai that will surely satisfy any intrepid traveler.

Lake Pawana: 

Lake Pawana is sparsely populated, about 20 miles from Ronabara Station, while visitors and tourists flock to Ronabara for morning walks and camping. The size of the lake and environmental factors force themselves, making it a great spectacle. Like the paint in front of you. The Camper Skyscraper is surrounded by high mountains, is blessed with spectacular year-round views, and offers stunning views of a getaway.

On the west side across the Pawana River, from the Western Ghats, the national dam limits the water supply to 0.24 km, filling it as an important source of water for the Pimplicin Chiwad (Navipne) region. The extraordinary place is covered with a green veil and includes important castles like Rohagado Fortress, Tikona Fortress, Tang Fortress, and Visapur Fortress. Fortarfafa Thearfi The beautiful past dates back hundreds of years ago, highlighting the importance of the area.

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The natural setting of Lake Pona in the Western Ghats is distinctive vegetation. The false trail of the lake runs through some of the most iconic nightclubs, clean air, greenery and spectacular slopes. Near Mumbai and Lonavala, especially Pune, is a great weekend getaway for families and individuals who want to throw their energies into quiet, bustling streets. Lake Pawna and its ecosystems are beautiful, neglected, and offer enormous freedom. Invest energy individually with nature.

Lake Shirota:

If you want to avoid the noise of the city, you can see Lake Shirota. This is the perfect place to relax, unwind and feel the perfect atmosphere. From fishing to boating and clicking on images of stunning flying creatures, Shirota Lakeside allows you to do anything. Terrifying night to get closer to Bombay.

Uttan – Camp Under the Stars:

The commercial hub of Mumbai, Uttan is a city on the outskirts of the city. Despite being part of the city, it seemed like a world away from the desert. Uttan is perfect for spending the weekend outside of Mumbai. Come here, sit under the blue sky, enjoy the tastiest fish, watch the live show and enjoy hand exercises.


Dahanu offers a wide range of services to its guests, making it perfect for anyone who wants to carry as much luggage as expected during the trip. Dahanu Fort was founded and has a beautiful Barrot Cave. Green Carpatal Greenhouse There are many gardens where you can enjoy campfires, do outdoor sports and sleep under the stars. There are several camps in Dahanu that monitor the city’s visits to these bodies. Sample of collection activities In Dahanu, you also have the opportunity to take a walk on the beach to see the night.


This is a popular tourist destination, but there are also some scenic areas in Harish Chandragad. The stage provides the perfect setting to recover the memory of your home by clicking on some beautiful photos. If you’re looking for an experience, explore the mountains and discover the old hills of Harish Chandragad, a small lake that stands out. Driving from Mumbai to Harish Chandragad takes 4 hours and is ideal for road trips.

Tips for camping:

A few safety tips can help your trips :

  • Wear sturdy shoes. …
  • If you have prescription glasses, but wear contacts, bring the glasses. …
  • Bring a flashlight to illuminate any necessary nighttime walks and your campsite.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.

How do you stay safe while camping?

  • Keep your camping trips safe and fun with our list of tips for safe camping.
  • Choose the Right Shelter and Site. 
  • Stay Up-to-Date With the Weather. 
  • Pack and Store Food Safely. 
  • Practice Campfire Safety. 
  • Use Insect Protection. 
  • Be Aware of Allergies. 
  • Protect Your Skin from the Sun. 
  • Stay Hydrated.

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