Computerized Embroidery Meeting The Fabric

Making your apparel customized by choosing different designs such as the Kansas City Chiefs logo vector and will make you put a personal touch on any of your chosen apparel and in the same way you can use this way to promote your brand at a wider range.

But keeping this aside, have you ever thought that why some of the embroideries look more attractive than the others and some face rejection in the market. The reason is that while creating perfection with the computerized embroidery projects, one has to go through a lot of small steps.

A few years back, embroidery was a manual task since the popularity has always been very up in the market because of its immense thread work and being elegant with your design creation. Creating an embroidered design will require an individual to perform a skilled task with careful hands and accomplish the same.

Things changed once the machine embroidery stepped with the help of computer software and soon this evolution turned out to present a drastic design and it changed the perspective with the embroidered design is done.

Although the basics for the designing process remained the same only a few of the new replacements took place. The hand-held tools were being replaced by the advanced machines loaded with technology and that allows us to bring more detailing with the final embroidery design that looks clean and attractive.

Another benefit that came with the digitization of the custom embroidery process is that you can have the perfect product in your hand quickly. But what may look beautiful on the computer or paper would turn out to be the same on the fabric.

To create an appealing design from Pittsburgh steelers logo png with utmost neatness you have to bring together the right materials. There are a lot that goes in such as machine software, correct fabric, design to work on, needle and its size, compatible thread, and the file format of the design since these all-combined will help you to create a masterpiece.

Why choosing the right fabric for your embroidery design is important?

Choosing the right fabric to move forward greatly impacts the design that will come out after the machine embroidery and how the entire appearance will be of it.

Finalizing the fabric such as cotton or the performance fabrics won’t allow you to create a stable design since the embroidery stitches won’t fall and stay in the place for long. A good choice would be however to go with denim, polos, or in general the knits that guarantee you great results.

This is because choosing a lighter fabric would make you face all the wrinkles in them within a single wash whereas with a thick fabric the embroidery stitches will show more durability and stay at their original place even after many washes.

Tips to keep in mind while performing embroidery on different fabrics


when you are looking to do embroidery on caps, bags, t-shirts, and other apparel then going with the fabric is a wise option. It is recommended to shrink the fabric before starting so that the design can stay at its place even after frequent washes.


it is the ideal selection for doing embroidery projects on pullovers, vests, and jackets. However, only choose a high-quality fleece compared to the low-quality fleece which usually stretches or move while you are preparing the design and the final product will look distorted.

You can have a medium-weight cutaway stabilizer and spray adhesive on it so that stable support is provided while embroidery process since the fleece has a polyester component which makes it stretchy or slippery.


Ask any professional embroider and they will say that this is their favorite because of the elegant designs you can create on the apparel here with high-quality embroidery detailing. The jersey knits are thin and stretchy hence here also you will need a cutaway stabilizer to ensure that your design doesn’t get distorted during the process.

Another benefit you will have with the usage of stabilizer is that your embroidery will attain the original shape and color after the production and remain the same after frequent wash and usage.


Ensure you are washing and drying it before starting the embroidery on this. Since the material is synthetic and even thinner than human hair, one has to mix it completely with polyester/nylon that provides the stretchability of the microfiber. Use a cutaway stabilizer having a medium-weight to provide a strong and stable base.

Micro Pique: 

These are mostly used by athletes and this fabric provides a great option for embroidery design on polo shirts. Here you need to carry the embroidery design using a soft cutaway stabilizer along with an air erasable fabric pen so that the design can withstand multiple washes.

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