Best Family Cars 2021

For new life and leisure, a car that is a companion to every day of the family is indispensable.

From last year to this year, many attractive cars were born, and popular models as family cars such as compact cars, mini cars, and SUVs were updated.

Therefore, this time, we will deliver the 2021 version of the family car popularity recommendation ranking TOP20, which is exactly the latest model one after another.

First of all, what kind of car is a family car? You may be wondering, but there is only one big definition. It is a useful car that can be used conveniently and enjoyably in the daily life of the family.

The specific conditions are 4 doors rather than 2 doors, and sliding doors are now popular with families.

It is recommended to have 4 or more seats rather than 2 seats, but in recent years it is safe to buy a 3-row seat, so if a maximum of 5 seats is enough, I dare to choose a 2-row seat. The flow is also growing.

The popularity of outdoor leisure also plays a role in this, but many people are looking for a luggage compartment that can efficiently load a large amount of luggage such as camps and bicycles, and in terms of cost and fuel efficiency, two-row seats are more than three-row seats. There seems to be a reason why it is more advantageous.

Another condition for a family car is that if you have a family with infants, you can easily take care of your child’s seat, and if you have a licensed child, you can easily share one with your parents and daughter/son. I think.

Family car Trends

So what kind of family car is the trend in 2020? There are three main trends in family cars today.

SUVs that are now overwhelmingly standard in the family

Toyota Raize

The first is the SUV, which has surpassed the boom and has become a standard family car.

Compact-size SUVs such as Toyota Raize, Daihatsu Rocky, and Volkswagen T-Cross have newly appeared and become popular, and SUVs such as Toyota RAV4 and Honda Vezel are still alive.

It is also a popular secret that you can choose the one that suits your family’s lifestyle from abundant variations.

A light wagon that continues to evolve, led by the champion Honda N-BOX

Honda N-BOX

The second trend is a light super-height wagon that is reasonably priced after purchase, in addition to the spaciousness of the room and the convenience of sliding doors on both sides.

You can choose from an abundant lineup such as the Honda N-BOX, which has won the No. 1 sales volume for three consecutive years, and the Nissan Roox, which has undergone a full model change and has become even more attractive.

A minivan type model with two rows of seats that is immovable and popular

Suzuki Solio Bandit

And the third is a two-row seat minivan. Among them, the compact size is popular, and models such as Toyota Roomy / Tank and Suzuki Solio that emphasize the size and comfort of the room are recommended.

2021 Family Car Popularity Recommended Ranking Light Car Edition

Now, let’s introduce the popularity ranking of family cars.

First of all, new models with safety equipment and comfort that are comparable to registered cars are appearing one after another, and for the family, the reasonable maintenance cost is also a big attraction for the mini car edition.

The most popular family car is the super height wagon type, which also has sliding doors on both sides and a large interior with a high ceiling.

It is gaining tremendous support, especially among generations with small children. For generations with older children, we also recommend the height wagon, which has a large interior even with hinged doors. Also, visit Dakimakura Shop

Light car recommended for family cars Part 1: Nissan Roox

Nissan Roox

The recommended popularity ranking of family cars for mini vehicles, the first is the Super Height Wagon released on March 19, 2020, and the new Nissan Roox.

The interior, which has both high-quality and tasteful interiors and ease of use, and the advanced driving support technology that has jumped to the top level of mini vehicles are great attractions for the family.

The exterior design also follows the trend of Nissan’s popular minivans such as the Elgrand and Serena and has achieved a presence and quality that cannot be thought of as a mini-vehicle. There are two grades, standard and highway star (custom series).

In the room, the rear seats can be slid 32 cm separately on the left and right, and it can be used flexibly for people to sit comfortably and load a lot of luggage, and the backrest of the passenger seat can also be tilted so that long luggage such as skis can be loaded. Also recommended for families who want to go outdoor leisure with their children.

The standard design starts at 1,415,700 yen, and the highway star with aero parts and improved interior texture start at 1,734,700 yen.

In addition, all vehicles are equipped with a mild hybrid, and the fuel consumption is 20.8km / L (WLTC mode) for naturally aspirated engines and 18.8km / L (WLTC mode) for turbo.

Light car recommended for family cars Part 2: Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki Hustler

The recommended popularity ranking of family cars for mini vehicles, the second one is Suzuki Hustler, which has just become a new model.

While maintaining the goodness of the first generation, which became a big hit of the light crossover SUV, the exterior design is more reliable, the rear seats are further expanded and the interior with a high degree of freedom, snowy roads, etc. are set with a safe 4WD. Active characters that make you want to go out to play anywhere are recommended for family cars! It’s also nice to be able to load your luggage without worrying about dirt.

In addition, the back of the rear seats and the luggage floor are antifouling type, so dirt and water droplets can be quickly wiped off for easy cleaning.

There is also large-capacity luggage under the box, and if you make it fully flat, you can stay in the car, and it seems that your dreams will expand where you go next time.

The new Hustler is a hybrid setting for all cars, and the price starts from 1,365,100 yen for a naturally aspirated engine and 1,459,700 yen for a turbo.

The fuel consumption is 25.0km / L for naturally aspirated engine (JC08 mode) and 22.6km / L for turbo (JC08 mode).

WLTC mode) and excellent. Even if you choose 4WD, there is not much difference, so you can rest assured.

Light car recommended for family cars Part 3: Honda N-WGN

Honda N-WGN

Honda N-WGN is the third recommended popular ranking for family cars of mini vehicles.

Especially, it is recommended for families who frequently go out for long drives because it is comfortable to ride for a long time thanks to the excellent seats made at a luxurious cost.

Even a naturally aspirated engine is powerful enough to have a high-quality feel, and a turbo engine is a great attraction for driving on the highway or anywhere. The rear seats are comfortable to ride, so everyone will have a comfortable drive.

The fact that the advanced driving support system Honda SENSING is standard equipment on all cars is also a wonderful point as a family car that can carry an important family.

In addition, the low and flat luggage that utilizes Honda’s unique low-floor technology is convenient to use as a two-stage rack mode by changing the height of the floorboard. Since it is almost the same height as a supermarket cart, you can smoothly transship your luggage.

Prices start at 1,298,000 yen for naturally aspirated engines and 1,529,000 yen for turbochargers.

The fuel consumption is 23.2km / L (WLTC mode) for naturally aspirated engines and 22.2km / L (WLTC mode) for turbo, which is especially good for turbo.

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